Top 8 Best Dishwasher In Malaysia To Buy For 2018

best dishwasher malaysia

Best dishwasher in Malaysia revealed. Always argue with your partner who to clean the dishes? We get that because it happens most of the time. Before marriage, he promised to do every housework, but now, he spends most of his times playing phone, Facebook, or games. Right? Don’t stop here.

On the other hands, your wife might be too lazy because she spends her time on online shopping! Okay. Let’s don’t blame that now.

Because’s there’s a helper in town! Say hello to Dishwasher machine.

The dishwasher is a mechanical device for cleaning dishware and cutlery. What’re the differences between manual dishwashing and dishwasher machine? Dishwasher sprays hot water typically between 45 to 75°C, adds dishwashing detergent and washes it until it’s done.

List: 8 Best Dishwasher In Malaysia You Should Buy

In today’s reviews, we crawled the web and figured the best dishwasher in Malaysia you can buy online. When we doing the research, we found out that most of the users want a dishwasher that has functions like noise reduction, energy saving modes and wall-to-wall spray mean your dishwasher can be more effective than ever. On a side note, the machine’s warranty is also an important buying decision factor.

Without further ado, let’s see which dishwashers you should be buying.

1. Bosch SMS63L08EA Dishwasher

bosch dishwasher malaysia

Our first pick is Bosch’s SMS63L08EA Dishwasher. The Bosch ActiveWater with Integrated 60cm dishwasher combines thoroughness with delicacy for the cleanest dishes and cutlery. The key features include AquaStop, Load Sensor, VarioFlex Basket System, VarioSpeed Option and ActiveWater Technology.

Firstly, with ActiveWater 60cm and HygienePlus Option, you can rinse your dishes at extra high temperatures for top hygienic cleanliness. And VarioSpeed allows you to allocate half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results.

According to WireCutter (one of the largest product review site in the US)’s review, this dishwasher is very easy to use and it’s very quiet. With a third rack and quiet performance, the reliable, efficient, effective Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N works like a premium dishwasher but sells for a midrange price. This stainless, front-control model is the most popular style in the lineup.

On a side note, Bosch dishwashers in Malaysia have one of the lowest repair rates of any brand, and a better warranty and more helpful customer service than most.

General Warranty: 2 Years

Compressor Warranty: 10 Years

Buy now at RM2799.

2. Panasonic NP-TR8 Dish Washer

panasonic dish washer malaysia

Big capacity within a compact size. What we love about this dishwasher is its hassle-free installation. You don’t have to reserve or modify your kitchen cabinet to use the dishwasher. It can be easily installed as the external water hose only needs to be replaced in the sink without any drilling required.

Furthermore, Panasonic also did an experiment in Shanghai.

In the experiment, they found out that users who use dishwasher machine use only 20% water compared to hand-washing users, and the cleaning result is obviously better compared to hand-washing.

As we aim to price check the cheapest price you can get dishwasher in Malaysia online, we realized Lazada selling this model at cheapest price – RM2399. The Panasonic official website is selling at RM2999. It’s actually 20% cheaper, so if you’re interested, buy it from Lazada now.

General Warranty: 1 Year

Buy now at RM2399.

3. Electrolux Dishwasher ESF5202LOW

With 13 place setting dishwasher, you can wash all of your dishes, even larger items, in one go.

Get a superior clean with Electrolux’s Intensive Wash dishwasher setting that gives you spotless dishes each time. Furthermore, get clean dishes fast without wasting water and detergent with the QuickPlus 30 Minutes program and the Half Load Option. In our opinion, it’s best for lightly soiled dishes.

In addition, Electrolux’s dishwasher is one of the most energy efficient dishwashers on the market today.

Drawback? It would be nice to have inside lights, to make it easier to see.

General Warranty: 1 Year

Buy now at RM3489.

4. Beko DIN15210 Dishwasher

Another great dishwasher you can consider is Beko DIN15210 Dishwasher. This full size integrated dishwasher comes with a choice of 5 programmes, including our quick Mini 30′ programme which washes a full load in just 30 minutes.

There are 3 note-worthy features that caught our eyes. First, folding plate support. The plate supports can be folded to make room for larger dishes, pans and bowls, allowing for more effective loading.

Secondly, the folding cup racks can be folded to make room for larger dishes, pans and bowls, allowing for more effective loading.

For a quick and easy fit into any home, the dishwasher’s clever hinge mechanism uses a spring to automatically adjust the dishwasher’s door to the weight of your kitchen cupboard door, solving a common problem when installing built-in models. This mechanism also allows you to leave your dishwasher door open in any position, making loading and unloading easier.

Product Warranty: 2 Year

Buy now at RM2755.

5. Electrolux Dishwasher ESF5511LOX

This dishwasher is a little bit pricey compared to the above-recommended dishwashers. However, it’s a powerful dishwasher that’s easy to use and allows you to wash everything from pots, pans to delicate glassware. Also, it’s clearly one of the best cleaning Electrolux dishwashers in Malaysia. Most of the customers are very satisfied with their purchase of this model.

Why? This is probably because of its AutoFlex program.

It’s 100% automatic. Let the dishwasher decide the best setting for your load and clean your dishes.

Hate the hassle? This may be the right dishwasher for you, if you’re okay with the price.

Buy now at RM4298.

6. Ariston Dishwasher

The upper rack has four rows of adjustable inserts for optimal loading flexibility. The new dish-separating grate can be dropped quickly, making the bottom rack totally flat to accommodate bulky dishes. Taking away the silverware basket can make room for an additional 14 plates.

Why is this one of the best dishwasher in Malaysia? A Safety system.

A safety system was designed to prevent any risk of flooding, cutting off the water coming in from the home’s inlet point. Water Detector defects the amount of water in the dishwasher, preventing an excess in case of problems, such as obstructions or an excess of foam. Plus, the model’s function has another level of safety, called Water Stop, a double-chamber tube, designed to withstand wear over time and pressures 30 times greater than those of the home water system.

Product Warranty: 2 Years

Buy now at RM3927.

7. Kelvinator Dishwasher KDW920JS

Kelvinator is a wallet-friendly dishwasher you can buy in Malaysia. It has 12 place settings, A+ Energy Efficiency and comes with 5 Washing Programmes to ease your cutlery’s cleaning process.

Product Warranty: 1 Year

Buy now at RM2388.

8. Bosch Super Silence ActiveWater Dishwasher

We wouldn’t recommend it to buy this model if you can totally tolerate with the minimal noise made by the dishwashers above. The Bosch Super Silence Dishwasher is really expensive.

Key Features

  • ExtraDry: extra-thorough drying option for difficult-to-dry loads.
  • SuperSilence: remarkably quiet at 44dB.
  • Glass 40°C: protective program for gently cleaning and drying glasses.
  • VarioFlex-baskets and VarioDrawer: enhanced re-adjusting options with more space on all levels.

Buy now at RM6488.

5 Reasons Of Buying A Dishwasher

According to Compact Appliance, the 5 main reasons people buy a dishwasher are as follow.

  1. Better cleaners. To truly kill the germs of your dishware, you need to rise them with extremely hot water. And a dishwasher can help!
  2. Germ Prevention. Did you know there are several spots in your kitchen that collect and harbour germs? Therefore, by running your dishes through the dishwasher, they likely never collect certain germs, and the bacteria that were collected are killed by the hot water.
  3. Time Efficient. Simply said, you save more time! You could use the time to do more valuable things in life such as accompany your kid, watch movie or hang out with friends.
  4. Environmentally-Friendly. I’m sure people have the mindset machine will consume more electricity. That’s not true anymore, according to studies, the new kitchen appliances do save up more energy significantly.
  5. Guest-Friendly. Everyone loves to invite guests to your house and eat. With dishwasher, you can enjoy cooking for, hosting and impressing your guests without the dread of accumulating extra mess.

Buy A Dishwasher And Save Your Time

In sum, we featured top 8 best dishwashers in Malaysia you can buy online. Our best picks are Bosch SMS63L08EA Dishwasher and Panasonic NP-TR8 Dish Washer.

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Top 10 Best Muslimah Swimming Suit To Buy In Malaysia

best muslimah swimming suit in malaysia

The best Muslimah swimming suit in Malaysia revealed. Picture yourself spending quality time on a beach, or being surrounded by clear waters with your friends and family. How good is that right?

When we doing the review and comparison of swimming suit for Muslim women, we noticed ladies want a suit that is modest and presentable. They also prefer it’s equipped with UV protects, easy-to-wash and good price!

muslimah swinwear malaysia

Ladies, we know you love to swim and it’s quite annoying because you don’t have a Muslimah-friendly outfit. But fret no more, because we’re here to help!

Therefore, we curated top 10 swimming wear for Muslim women in today’s blog. Are you ready to swim? Let’s go!

List: 10 Best Muslimah Swimming Suit in Malaysia

We surfed all the Islamic modest women swimwear online, especially in Malaysia. So you don’t have to. We hope our recommendations treat you well and if you have any other swimwear that you’d love to suggest to our readers, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got in today’s Muslimah swimming wear list.

1. UBEST Fashion Muslim Swimming Suit

This is one of the most popular and modest swimming suits sell on Lazada. The design is a black and red stitch. Simple yet looks very pretty for ladies swimmer. It also comes with a very nice-looking hijab to cover your hair. UBEST’s swimming wears also have UV protection and quick drying function. With Belt Design, it will prevent clothing from floating when swimming.

Product Size: S-6XL

Buy now at RM47.90 with free swimming goggle.

2. Splice Muslim Swimwear (Floral)

The swimwear is beautifully designed with floral and it has more than 16 colours to choose from. For instance, red, purple, black, silver and more. Wear what the represents your style! Furthermore, the company uses Polyester fabric to make its swimming suit.

Product Size: S-6XL

Buy now at RM49.90.

3. Plus Size Muslimah Swimwear

If you’re looking to buy plus size Muslimah swimwear, then this is for you! The swimsuit is one of the hot-selling product on the internet. Based on the customers’ reviews, the product is very good quality and the price is relatively cheap as compared to other plus size unit.

Product Size: L-6XL

Buy now at RM62.

4. Young Burkini

Young burkini is perfect for individual who loves to wear black and white design. The burkini’s design is inspired by European women fashion.

Product Size: XS-4XL

Buy now at RM74.

5. Oversized Swimsuit

A set Muslim Swimwear that comes with hijab, top and pant. The top is nicely painted with a Maple leaf. The characteristic leaf of the maple tree, and is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada.

Love this design?

Product Size: XS-4XL

Buy now at RM56.

6. Ogival Muslimah Swim Suit

Next up, we have the Ogival brand on our list. Ogival is a homegrown swimwear manufacturer company since 1976. They have been outfitting pool-lovers and beach-goers for the last 20 years. They also introduced their Muslimah swimsuit line a few years ago.

Product Size: S-XL

Buy now at RM188.90.

7. Ogival Plus Size

The suit is designed with blue floral. Comfortable and breathable with UV protect is the perfect outfit for girls. Wear this if you want to show off your swimming skill in the pool or beach!

Buy now at RM105.

8. Plain Blue Swimsuit

Ladies! If you love the simple and modest design, this is the right one for you. On a side note, it also comes with a hijab, tops and pants.

Buy now RM107.

9. The Star Swimwear

What about a star-shaped design swimsuit? It’s also from the same OEM manufacturer as we noticed, but the price is a little bit higher compared to previous one. Can’t resist this design? Okay, buy it online now!

Product Size: S-4XL

Buy now at RM106.

10. Patterned Ogival Swimwear

Lastly, our favourite swimwear is from Ogival’s size patterned swimwear.

Size: S-XL

Buy now at RM105.

Best Malaysia’s Swimming Suits For Women

In a nutshell, we selected our favourite swimming suits for Muslimah swimmers in Malaysia. You can buy it online at Lazada, 11Street and Shopee. The price is relatively cheap as compared to retail shops.

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Honor 10 Malaysia Price (RM1599) at Shopee Online

honor 10 malaysia price

How much is Honor 10 in Malaysia? Honor  10 is the latest smartphone introduced by Honor. And you know what? The device is available in Phantom Blue, Glacier Grey or Midnight Black colour, while only Only Phantom Blue and Phantom Green come with a reflective glass design. How cool is that right?

Here are some of the specification you need to know about the smartphone. Honor 10 is powered with 24MP AI Camera, Aurora glass design, 5.84″Honor FullView Display, Ultrasonic Fingerprint, AI Powered by Independent NPU and 5v/4.5A Honor SuperCharge.

BEAUTY IN AI is clearly a positioning Honor wants in its smartphone. The Honor 10 takes selfies seriously. The result is a selfie that is sharp, focused and beautifully lit – professional yet natural, said the company.

24MP Front AI Camera for the perfect selfie.

honor 10

Honor 10 Malaysia Price

Honor launched the Honor 10 in Malaysia officially on 22nd of May. The company announced the original price is RM1699 in Malaysia.

Honor 10 Malaysia Price at (RM1599)

And they’re doing a promotion from 24 – 31 May for the honor 10 for RM 1,599 (RM 100 Cash Rebate), in Phantom Blue, Glacier Grey or Midnight Black.

Here’s the official statement by Honor’s Facebook page.

It’s official, the honor 10 is here! The beauty plus brains – the true fusion of art and technology is now in Malaysia.

From 24 – 31 May, get the honor 10 for RM 1,599 (RM 100 Cash Rebate), in Phantom Blue, Glacier Grey or Midnight Black.

honor 10 malaysia price

With that being said, the official selling price is RM1699, but if you act quick, you can get it now at RM1599. Please note that the shocking deal will start from 24th May, 9am. So, mark your calendar!

Lastly, thanks for reading our post today. If you already bought the smartphone, feel free to share with it with our readers in the comment section. We’d love to hear what do you think about the smartphone!

Now read: Top 10 Car Camera in Malaysia

Top 10 Best Car Camera In Malaysia 2018

best car camera

The best car camera in Malaysia revealed. A dash cam or dashboard camera is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s windshield.

best dashcam malaysia

Are you planning to buy one online? Then you should keep reading.

To ensure you’ll make the best purchase online, we researched tons of professional car dash cams’ reviews. Also, we found out that video resolution, storage capacity, night vision, automatic (on/off), front and back camera is very important points before buying a new car camera.

Why do you need a car dashboard camera? According to SecurityBros, 8 strong reasons you should consider buying a dash recorder are:

  1. You Have First-Hand Evidence Of A Car Accident
  2. Perfect Solution For Undisciplined Drivers
  3. Perfect For Driving Instructors And Worried Parents
  4. You Can Prevent Fraud
  5. You Can Record Your Entire Road Trip
  6. Dash Cams Have A Plethora Of Useful Features And Functions
  7. You Can Efficiently Prevent Parking Accidents
  8. You Might Be Amazed Of What A Dash Cam Can Capture

As you can see, dash recorder plays an important role on the road, so as a responsible driver, let’s get a car camera in Malaysia! Who knows what would happen right?

Furthermore, it is often a source of Facebook and YouTubes viral videos. For instance, accidents, robbery and funny incidents in some rare cases. Dash cams continue to gain popularity among drivers for a few key reasons. Another reason you should buy a car camera is that dash cam footage is frequently being used by insurance companies to determine who’s at fault in the case of a collision.

List: 10 Best Car Camera Recorders To Buy In Malaysia

To ease your buying decision on car camera, we referred to several websites as well as e-commerce websites to hunt down all the great car recorders for you. So, without further ado, let’s check out what do we have on the list.

1. XiaoMi Mijia DashCam

xiao mi car camera malaysia

It is indeed one of the most value for money dash cam in the market. Only priced at RM205, the car camera has a 2.7-inch screen and 1.8 aperture, 160-degree wide angle and 1920 x 1080P resolution. On a side note, the cam also has parking monitoring function which helps you  The Mijia Dash Cam also has the prominent feature – loop-cycle recording, which will help to save the storage’s space effectively. Like most of the dash cams available, the XiaoMi Mijia includes a G-sensor in dash cams that detects if the car’s been hit and earmarks that footage for later review. Another point we love about this cam is it operates automatically, save the hassle and perfect for forgetful people. Final thought, it can be considered as one of the best and cheap car camera in Malaysia that you should buy.

Nerd’s Verdict: It works well under daylight. Night time with ample street light is also acceptable.

best car camera in malaysia

Video Resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080)

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Warranty: 6 months

Buy now at RM205.

2. VIOFO Car Camera

Next up, we have VIOFO in our one of the best dash cam for car list.

The A119 (V2) is VIOFO ’s latest flagship dash cam and is the first cam we reviewed equipped with GPS logger. With GPS module (although it’s an optional accessory), A119 (V2) will support GPS logger and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) and current speed detector.

Video quality is, far and above, the most important aspect of a dashcam. We couldn’t agree more. The A119 (V2) has 2K and 1080P 60FPS in video resolution. This is because the device applies the latest NTK96660 main chip and high-end 4MP OV4689 sensor technology. With that being said, the dashcam can record extremely smooth footage during the day and night. If you are particular on car camera’s video quality, then this should be a good buy for you.

The dash cam also supports 160degree wide view. Thus, it will capture every single detail in front of your windshield.

The drawback about this dashboard cam is it didn’t have WiFi. You have to transfer the file using the cable with your laptop or computer.

Nerd’s Verdict: Very impressed with the video quality, nice driving footage even at the low light night street. With WiFi could be better.

Video Resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080)

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: No

Warranty: 6 months

Buy now at RM388.

3. GOQ A10 Dual Lens Car Camera

GOQ’s A10 is another top cam in Malaysia with front and rear lens record at the same time. Besides that, when someone hit you in the parking, the dashcam will start recording automatically to help you to get evidence.

Same as most of the car camera available, the loop recording functions will re-record from the beginning when the memory card is full.

Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: No

Warranty: 3 months

Buy now at RM139.

4. SONY DV-R10

sony dash cam malaysia

For most users, a dash cam is being used as the reverse camera. With DV-R10, it will automatically switch back to the back camera view with the parking line when the driver is reversing.

The dashcam also automatically take video when the car engine is on and off upon 5s delay after the car engine is off.

Nerd’s Verdict: Excellent night vision with unique wide dynamic range system.

Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: No

Warranty: 6 months

Buy now at RM198.

5. Garmin GDR E530

You’re probably more familiar Garmin brands from its GPS, wearables and action cameras, but the GDR E540 dashcam puts the brand inside your car for stylish and high-quality road recorder.

To us, the GDR E540 is pretty compact and good-looking GPS-enabled driving recorder in Malaysia’s e-commerce store.

In fact, the cam works very well even in the low-light conditions.

Nerd’s Verdict: Rely on your GDR E530 to capture excellent video detail in both bright and low-light conditions. Mount the camera to your windshield, and record your drive in 1080p.

Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: Yes

GPS: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

Buy now at RM685.

6. GDR E560

This car camera stands out with its voice control functionality. In fact, you may command the dashcam with your voice, and keep your hands on the wheel. You can activate it by saying “Ok, Garmin” to do certain actions such as take a picture, save the video, start/stop the audio and others.

To compare with the GDR E540 we recommended above, this model has a higher quality 3.7-megapixel camera with 1440p video capture.

Both cams have G-sensor like any other standard car camera.

Nerd’s Verdict: It’s about RM150 more expensive compared to the GDR E540. Unless you really love the voice control feature, else we suggest you buy the cheaper model – E560.

Video Resolution: 1440

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: Yes

GPS: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

Buy now at RM833.

7. HP F210 Car Camcorder

Want to buy a good car camcorder with GPS? HP’s F210 is a great choice for you.

With built-in GPS, the cam also auto switch from loop recording to emergency recording when it detects the collision. Another bonus is it will save to a new file which you can’t delete the footage accidentally when it’s in the emergency recording. In our opinion, this is really useful for drivers.

Nerd’s Verdict: Good GPS car camera to buy in Malaysia.

Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: No

GPS: Yes

Warranty: No

Buy now at RM630.

8. Goluk T2

The Goluk T2 looks a little different to the average dash cam we suggested above. It has 360° rotatable structure with no screen.

Goluk T2 connects to your iPhone or Android phone via its own WiFi so you can view videos without using cellphone data. In fact, Goluk has the largest user-generated content video community in the car field. You can also edit your videos using Goluk’s app. The app is an interactive platform allowing dashcam users to upload and share driving’s footage and promote safe driving.

Nerd’s Verdict: You need to buy additional hardwiring cable in order to utilize the parking security recording. Overall, it’s a good cam for car drivers and you can watch and share the video with its app.

Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: Yes


Warranty: 1 year

Buy now at RM899.

9. Philips CVR300

car driving recorder Malaysia

The next best car camera in Malaysia is Philips CVR300. Thanks to the clever space-saving design, you can look at the front and back views nicely.

The cam also comes with CMOS sensor. Philips promises to deliver high-quality recording even if it’s in low light condition.

Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: No


Warranty: 1 year

Buy now at RM588.

10. XiaoMi XiaoYi Yi Car Dashcam

The most affordable car dashcam you can get in Malaysia. It’s only priced at RM179 and the specifications are pretty competitive compared to other cams.

It has more than 420 positive ratings (290 are 5 stars) on Lazada, we can totally agree on that.

The recorder comes with 1080P 60fps video resolution, built-in WiFi, ADAS warning system and 165-degree wide angle view. Additionally, it’s super compact and light weighted.

Nerd’s Verdict: This cam only supports the Chinese language. It’s not user-friendly for users who can’t read Chinese.

Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD

Loop-cycle Recording: Yes

G-sensor: Yes

WiFi: Yes


Warranty: 6 months

Buy now at RM179.

Malaysia’s Best Dash Camera


We hope our Malaysia’s 10 best car camera recommendations treat you well. We personally like the Yi Camera and Garmin GDR 530. Feel free to share today’s reviews with your friends and family whom you think they will need this guide.

Lastly, have a safe journey on the road!

To learn how to install a car camera, please read the guide below.

How To Install A Car Camera?

  1. Decide where to place the camera. Find the desired spot where the camera can record cleary without affecting your vision.
  2. Stick it on
  3. Connect it with your cable for power
  4. Turn it on and check
  5. If it’s working, holla! You’re ready to go!

Watch the tutorial now:

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