Top 8 Best Dishwasher In Malaysia To Buy For 2018

Best dishwasher in Malaysia revealed. Always argue with your partner who to clean the dishes? We get that because it happens most of the time. Before marriage, he promised to do every housework, but now, he spends most of his times playing phone, Facebook, or games. Right? Don’t stop here.

On the other hands, your wife might be too lazy because she spends her time on online shopping! Okay. Let’s don’t blame that now.

Because’s there’s a helper in town! Say hello to Dishwasher machine.

The dishwasher is a mechanical device for cleaning dishware and cutlery. What’re the differences between manual dishwashing and dishwasher machine? Dishwasher sprays hot water typically between 45 to 75°C, adds dishwashing detergent and washes it until it’s done.

List: 8 Best Dishwasher In Malaysia You Should Buy

In today’s reviews, we crawled the web and figured the best dishwasher in Malaysia you can buy online. When we doing the research, we found out that most of the users want a dishwasher that has functions like noise reduction, energy saving modes and wall-to-wall spray mean your dishwasher can be more effective than ever. On a side note, the machine’s warranty is also an important buying decision factor.

Without further ado, let’s see which dishwashers you should be buying.

1. Bosch SMS63L08EA Dishwasher

bosch dishwasher malaysia

Our first pick is Bosch’s SMS63L08EA Dishwasher. The Bosch ActiveWater with Integrated 60cm dishwasher combines thoroughness with delicacy for the cleanest dishes and cutlery. The key features include AquaStop, Load Sensor, VarioFlex Basket System, VarioSpeed Option and ActiveWater Technology.

Firstly, with ActiveWater 60cm and HygienePlus Option, you can rinse your dishes at extra high temperatures for top hygienic cleanliness. And VarioSpeed allows you to allocate half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results.

According to WireCutter (one of the largest product review site in the US)’s review, this dishwasher is very easy to use and it’s very quiet. With a third rack and quiet performance, the reliable, efficient, effective Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N works like a premium dishwasher but sells for a midrange price. This stainless, front-control model is the most popular style in the lineup.

On a side note, Bosch dishwashers in Malaysia have one of the lowest repair rates of any brand, and a better warranty and more helpful customer service than most.

General Warranty: 2 Years

Compressor Warranty: 10 Years

Buy now at RM2799.

2. Panasonic NP-TR8 Dish Washer

panasonic dish washer malaysia

Big capacity within a compact size. What we love about this dishwasher is its hassle-free installation. You don’t have to reserve or modify your kitchen cabinet to use the dishwasher. It can be easily installed as the external water hose only needs to be replaced in the sink without any drilling required.

Furthermore, Panasonic also did an experiment in Shanghai.

In the experiment, they found out that users who use dishwasher machine use only 20% water compared to hand-washing users, and the cleaning result is obviously better compared to hand-washing.

As we aim to price check the cheapest price you can get dishwasher in Malaysia online, we realized Lazada selling this model at cheapest price – RM2399. The Panasonic official website is selling at RM2999. It’s actually 20% cheaper, so if you’re interested, buy it from Lazada now.

General Warranty: 1 Year

Buy now at RM2399.

3. Electrolux Dishwasher ESF5202LOW

With 13 place setting dishwasher, you can wash all of your dishes, even larger items, in one go.

Get a superior clean with Electrolux’s Intensive Wash dishwasher setting that gives you spotless dishes each time. Furthermore, get clean dishes fast without wasting water and detergent with the QuickPlus 30 Minutes program and the Half Load Option. In our opinion, it’s best for lightly soiled dishes.

In addition, Electrolux’s dishwasher is one of the most energy efficient dishwashers on the market today.

Drawback? It would be nice to have inside lights, to make it easier to see.

General Warranty: 1 Year

Buy now at RM3489.

4. Beko DIN15210 Dishwasher

Another great dishwasher you can consider is Beko DIN15210 Dishwasher. This full size integrated dishwasher comes with a choice of 5 programmes, including our quick Mini 30′ programme which washes a full load in just 30 minutes.

There are 3 note-worthy features that caught our eyes. First, folding plate support. The plate supports can be folded to make room for larger dishes, pans and bowls, allowing for more effective loading.

Secondly, the folding cup racks can be folded to make room for larger dishes, pans and bowls, allowing for more effective loading.

For a quick and easy fit into any home, the dishwasher’s clever hinge mechanism uses a spring to automatically adjust the dishwasher’s door to the weight of your kitchen cupboard door, solving a common problem when installing built-in models. This mechanism also allows you to leave your dishwasher door open in any position, making loading and unloading easier.

Product Warranty: 2 Year

Buy now at RM2755.

5. Electrolux Dishwasher ESF5511LOX

This dishwasher is a little bit pricey compared to the above-recommended dishwashers. However, it’s a powerful dishwasher that’s easy to use and allows you to wash everything from pots, pans to delicate glassware. Also, it’s clearly one of the best cleaning Electrolux dishwashers in Malaysia. Most of the customers are very satisfied with their purchase of this model.

Why? This is probably because of its AutoFlex program.

It’s 100% automatic. Let the dishwasher decide the best setting for your load and clean your dishes.

Hate the hassle? This may be the right dishwasher for you, if you’re okay with the price.

Buy now at RM4298.

6. Ariston Dishwasher

The upper rack has four rows of adjustable inserts for optimal loading flexibility. The new dish-separating grate can be dropped quickly, making the bottom rack totally flat to accommodate bulky dishes. Taking away the silverware basket can make room for an additional 14 plates.

Why is this one of the best dishwasher in Malaysia? A Safety system.

A safety system was designed to prevent any risk of flooding, cutting off the water coming in from the home’s inlet point. Water Detector defects the amount of water in the dishwasher, preventing an excess in case of problems, such as obstructions or an excess of foam. Plus, the model’s function has another level of safety, called Water Stop, a double-chamber tube, designed to withstand wear over time and pressures 30 times greater than those of the home water system.

Product Warranty: 2 Years

Buy now at RM3927.

7. Kelvinator Dishwasher KDW920JS

Kelvinator is a wallet-friendly dishwasher you can buy in Malaysia. It has 12 place settings, A+ Energy Efficiency and comes with 5 Washing Programmes to ease your cutlery’s cleaning process.

Product Warranty: 1 Year

Buy now at RM2388.

8. Bosch Super Silence ActiveWater Dishwasher

We wouldn’t recommend it to buy this model if you can totally tolerate with the minimal noise made by the dishwashers above. The Bosch Super Silence Dishwasher is really expensive.

Key Features

  • ExtraDry: extra-thorough drying option for difficult-to-dry loads.
  • SuperSilence: remarkably quiet at 44dB.
  • Glass 40°C: protective program for gently cleaning and drying glasses.
  • VarioFlex-baskets and VarioDrawer: enhanced re-adjusting options with more space on all levels.

Buy now at RM6488.

5 Reasons Of Buying A Dishwasher

According to Compact Appliance, the 5 main reasons people buy a dishwasher are as follow.

  1. Better cleaners. To truly kill the germs of your dishware, you need to rise them with extremely hot water. And a dishwasher can help!
  2. Germ Prevention. Did you know there are several spots in your kitchen that collect and harbour germs? Therefore, by running your dishes through the dishwasher, they likely never collect certain germs, and the bacteria that were collected are killed by the hot water.
  3. Time Efficient. Simply said, you save more time! You could use the time to do more valuable things in life such as accompany your kid, watch movie or hang out with friends.
  4. Environmentally-Friendly. I’m sure people have the mindset machine will consume more electricity. That’s not true anymore, according to studies, the new kitchen appliances do save up more energy significantly.
  5. Guest-Friendly. Everyone loves to invite guests to your house and eat. With dishwasher, you can enjoy cooking for, hosting and impressing your guests without the dread of accumulating extra mess.

Buy A Dishwasher And Save Your Time

In sum, we featured top 8 best dishwashers in Malaysia you can buy online. Our best picks are Bosch SMS63L08EA Dishwasher and Panasonic NP-TR8 Dish Washer.

If you love today’s article, feel free to share it with your friends and family. We will be doing more product reviews in Malaysia. Read our latest article about best car camera in Malaysia 2018 now.

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