Top 10 Best Muslimah Swimming Suit To Buy In Malaysia

The best Muslimah swimming suit in Malaysia revealed. Picture yourself spending quality time on a beach, or being surrounded by clear waters with your friends and family. How good is that right?

When we doing the review and comparison of swimming suit for Muslim women, we noticed ladies want a suit that is modest and presentable. They also prefer it’s equipped with UV protects, easy-to-wash and good price!

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Ladies, we know you love to swim and it’s quite annoying because you don’t have a Muslimah-friendly outfit. But fret no more, because we’re here to help!

Therefore, we curated top 10 swimming wear for Muslim women in today’s blog. Are you ready to swim? Let’s go!

List: 10 Best Muslimah Swimming Suit in Malaysia

We surfed all the Islamic modest women swimwear online, especially in Malaysia. So you don’t have to. We hope our recommendations treat you well and if you have any other swimwear that you’d love to suggest to our readers, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got in today’s Muslimah swimming wear list.

1. UBEST Fashion Muslim Swimming Suit

This is one of the most popular and modest swimming suits sell on Lazada. The design is a black and red stitch. Simple yet looks very pretty for ladies swimmer. It also comes with a very nice-looking hijab to cover your hair. UBEST’s swimming wears also have UV protection and quick drying function. With Belt Design, it will prevent clothing from floating when swimming.

Product Size: S-6XL

Buy now at RM47.90 with free swimming goggle.

2. Splice Muslim Swimwear (Floral)

The swimwear is beautifully designed with floral and it has more than 16 colours to choose from. For instance, red, purple, black, silver and more. Wear what the represents your style! Furthermore, the company uses Polyester fabric to make its swimming suit.

Product Size: S-6XL

Buy now at RM49.90.

3. Plus Size Muslimah Swimwear

If you’re looking to buy plus size Muslimah swimwear, then this is for you! The swimsuit is one of the hot-selling product on the internet. Based on the customers’ reviews, the product is very good quality and the price is relatively cheap as compared to other plus size unit.

Product Size: L-6XL

Buy now at RM62.

4. Young Burkini

Young burkini is perfect for individual who loves to wear black and white design. The burkini’s design is inspired by European women fashion.

Product Size: XS-4XL

Buy now at RM74.

5. Oversized Swimsuit

A set Muslim Swimwear that comes with hijab, top and pant. The top is nicely painted with a Maple leaf. The characteristic leaf of the maple tree, and is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada.

Love this design?

Product Size: XS-4XL

Buy now at RM56.

6. Ogival Muslimah Swim Suit

Next up, we have the Ogival brand on our list. Ogival is a homegrown swimwear manufacturer company since 1976. They have been outfitting pool-lovers and beach-goers for the last 20 years. They also introduced their Muslimah swimsuit line a few years ago.

Product Size: S-XL

Buy now at RM188.90.

7. Ogival Plus Size

The suit is designed with blue floral. Comfortable and breathable with UV protect is the perfect outfit for girls. Wear this if you want to show off your swimming skill in the pool or beach!

Buy now at RM105.

8. Plain Blue Swimsuit

Ladies! If you love the simple and modest design, this is the right one for you. On a side note, it also comes with a hijab, tops and pants.

Buy now RM107.

9. The Star Swimwear

What about a star-shaped design swimsuit? It’s also from the same OEM manufacturer as we noticed, but the price is a little bit higher compared to previous one. Can’t resist this design? Okay, buy it online now!

Product Size: S-4XL

Buy now at RM106.

10. Patterned Ogival Swimwear

Lastly, our favourite swimwear is from Ogival’s size patterned swimwear.

Size: S-XL

Buy now at RM105.

Best Malaysia’s Swimming Suits For Women

In a nutshell, we selected our favourite swimming suits for Muslimah swimmers in Malaysia. You can buy it online at Lazada, 11Street and Shopee. The price is relatively cheap as compared to retail shops.

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